Monday, June 05, 2006


For Valentine's Day / 10 year anniversary, I got Cowboy 2 tickets to see Spamalot. I have to admit, I wasn't THAT excited to see it, and I even suggested that he take a friend instead of me. The date snuck up on us, and he forgot to plan it with his friend. I was looking forward to seeing a show, and thought I would even put up with a room full of dorky boys who can recite the whole movie from memory (Cowboy included). (I have seen the movie and I didn't really get into it.) Turns out, I LOVED it!!! It was so fantastically funny! Cowboy says it follows the movie, and while I recognized a couple of scenes, it definitely introduces some original material - not to mention the obvious addition of the songs. Basically, it kept the silliness level, and there were even a couple of songs about songs. There were lots of little surprises, though, and I was so delighted to just experience the spectacle. Anyway, I highly recommend it - should it come to your city.
The next one on the list is the Pirate Queen. This is about one of my favorite pirates Grace O'Malley - daughter of a chieftain in 16th century Ireland. The story the musical is based on fails to tell one tidbit that I like - when she was divorcing husband #2, she locked him out of her castle, barricaded herself and family inside, fought with him until they were divorced - all while running her pirate empire.

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