Wednesday, June 07, 2006

training pains

I ran last week for the first time in weeks. It kicked my dupa. I was nervous to try again, but I made it down to the treadmill and gave it a whirl. The first few minutes were full of pain. My muscles were like machines that had sat unused for a long time and were now being asked to chug away at full speed without the benefit of being oiled. I was even starting to wonder if I'd developed exercise-induced asthma. After a few minutes though, I think my body remembered what to do, and I relaxed into it. I can't say it was fun, but it went a lot better. At least I'm not dreading the next time.
What I have going for me is that I'm starting up my training program nice and slow. My schedule now compared to what I was doing before the wedding looks pretty pathetic. I gotta remember that next time I want to lounge around on a beach (or my couch).

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