Monday, May 22, 2006

Adventure part 3

Back from Hawaii, we settle into exploring the rugged California coast. We drove up to Mendocino. It's not a drive for the faint of stomach. We made it into Fort Bragg for lunch and took a tour of the botanical gardens. The rhododendrons were in bloom and the gardens continued all the way to the coast. This coastline is definitely different from the ones we had been seeing for a week, but this is the kind of rugged shoreline that I'm used to - and miss.

Mendocino Coast
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On the way back through the gardens from the coastline, we saw deer and explored parts of the homestead of one of the early settlers.

As always, I was sad to leave California. When we finally started our drive home - we went through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and up Illinois to home sweet home. The ride home was fun. We saw the Petrified Forest in Arizona, and lots of other places as they popped up along the way. Of course, we also had to try and stay ahead of bad weather - we drove through Texas on the one day without a tornado. Flagstaff AZ was very pretty - lots of trees and a rather nice city - seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Oklahoma City was really nice but it was early May with bugs the size of trucks and humidity that gave me a 'fro in a heartbeat - not the city for me. Texas is interesting - complete with washbasins in the shape of the State of Texas and gas station attendants recommending fried rattlesnake to us. Cowboy and I do plan to return to New Mexico when we can spend more time there. I will have to post a couple of photos from this segment once I get them uploaded.

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