Tuesday, June 14, 2005

America's most wanted

A client told me he was on America's Most Wanted before they picked him up for a drug case. I didn't see how that mattered to his case but I checked out the website anyway. Wow. I am both impressed and depressed. The site has a way that you can search captures and fugitives, it even has an area where you can comment on Does - bodies they have found with no identification. This section, as you can imagine, has a lot of comments from people who watch too much CSI. However, I was touched by how many people were bothered by a body found in a lake in New Orleans in 1986. When I read her story, I was too. I learned something too. I did not know, for example, that breast implants have serial numbers these days. Unfortunately, they didn't in 1986, so they offered no help in finding this girl's identity. You'd think the identity of a 24-26 year old girl who had breast implants and possibly a nose job in the '80's would be known to someone - who paid for those? She also had a skeletal injury from a possible past car accident, markings from a ring on her left ring finger and was three months pregnant. She had been stabbed several times, including in the face, and then had a plastic bag put around her head with duct tape. She died of asphyxiation. A weight was tied to her neck and she was dumped in the lake. It's so sad that with all that information, no one knows who she is after all this time.
But, like I said - there were some impressive things about this website too. There really is a dearth of information, and people are genuinely trying to help. One blogger posted a link to the Doe Network which hosts information regarding all the Does found and unidentified. Again, sad but informative. This blogger had made the effort to link the New Orleans woman to a missing woman from L.A.
All in all, I still can't watch that show. People do some nasty stuff to themselves and each other. I'll just defend them on appeal, thanks.