Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The adventure begins

Should the one person who may (undoubtedly by accident) run into this blog, I figure the best way to introduce myself is to explain one of my many talents - miscommunication. Here's a sample.
My office has temperature issues. So, when a colleague walked into my office a while ago, I wanted to know if it was really the temperature of the office, or just me. I said, "you're cheeks are flushed. Is it hot in here?" As I take off my sweater, it does not dawn on me that I just asked an outed lesbian the classic come on line. I can't imagine why she's looking really uncomfortable. I think, great - now I've offended her because she thinks I'm implying that she looks sickly. To correct the blunder, I then say, "it looks really nice on you." She is now squirming in her chair. I don't know what's going on, so I'm squirming in my chair. We both look in every direction except at each other before I skillfully change the subject to work.
Since then, I have become engaged to Cowboy. Apparently feeling safe now that I'm officially off the market, she has now started talking to me again.
Sigh. Only I can hit on someone unintentionally.