Monday, August 29, 2005

tv show update

I have to follow up on this because I'm so excited that Kiki and I are "Filthy Rich: Cattle drive" buddies. I also feel compelled to clarify something. There are good shows out there. "MONK" is good show. Actually, it's a great show. I hear that there are others out there like "24," "Gilmore Girls" and "Alias" but since I didn't catch those on the ground floor, I feel like I missed them altogether. "Joan of Arcadia" is also surprisingly good, and while you may think it's like "7th Heaven" - it is not. There is a religious theme (usually not my cup of tea) - but it's done very smartly - more like universal morality, and in light of the possibility (presented in the show) that it may be true that she sees and talks to God or it may be that Joan has a mental illness, the show's layers are complex without getting too soap opera-y. So, don't get me wrong. I love tv.
And, having cleared all that up, another one to watch - purely for entertainment - is "Dog the Bounty Hunter." This is about a bounty hunter and his family who live in Hawaii, pray before going out to pick up fugitives, pray with the fugitive before handing him or her in to the police, Dog has done time for murder, and his wife is just in her own league. She's got this crazy big hair and (I have to say) crazy big rack - that unless it's on display when they go out (on a date, not a round-up - he does have standards), he won't take her out! Again, pure entertainment.
I can't watch the tattoo shows because, like Kiki, will want another one. I used to think I was safe because I only had one and didn't have an idea for others. Now I do know what I'd get.....but I told Cowboy I wouldn't - at least for the time being.


Kiki said...

I haven't watched dog, but have seen the commercials. I already have too many guilty pleasure tv shows. You are smart to avoid the tattoo show, I've gotten sucked into it and my desire for a tattoo just keeps growing.

road runner's mom said...

I was just telling Road Runner that I was glad to see that you updated your blog.
I hadn't checked it in awhile and was happy to see there were lots of new posts.