Saturday, August 27, 2005

Technological incompetence

I really wanted to add something so my last post is not the first you see if you should blunder into my site. I had a dream that I owned the scale used in the contest. On one hand it was a piece of history and a constant reminder of all the injustice in the world yet to be corrected. Mostly, though, I was disturbed by it.
So, I thought I'd write about my inability to master the basic technological skills required to maintain this site. As you can see, I reformatted. I thought I liked it until my formatting got screwed up somehow. Why are my sidebars not staying put??? I have all these cool links that I now have to scroll down to get to. This can't be right. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
My reformatting was all in response to wanting to spice up my blog. Road Runner and everyone she links to have all these great add-ons and tidbits. If I can't even get my standard sidebar in place, I'm never adding that other stuff.
A few posts ago I talked about expanding my site and getting my blog "out there" so that I would actually pop up when you google "buccaneer betty." As you can see from the above comments, I'm trying....I did a search this morning and found my name on Shore Turtle's blog. I've been looking at his blog for a while - very nice running site. But - that was it. I also did a search on "Golden Hind blog." Let's just say I know how to find a fish 'n chips place in London, but not how to access my blog. This is getting ridiculous. I'm thinking of changing the name. What do you think?

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Road Runner's brother said...

Have your submitted your site to search engines? Some of the search engines base web site rankings on the number of links to your site too.

Here's the link to submit to Google: