Thursday, August 25, 2005

my new favorite show

every once in a while, tv surprises me. Not because there is some fantastic show that comes out that is brilliant. If that happens, the show inevitably sours. (Think X-Files, Law and Order, even West Wing is too preachy for me) Usually, what I am surprised by is the taste of the american population - as reflected in the tv shows. My new favorite show is "Filthy Rich, Cattle Drive." I actually just discovered it about 10 min ago. What can I say about a show that, within 10 minutes, has once rich girl (I don't know who she is yet) tell everyone that she has not ever looked so "uncute" before in her life - then "pull" a calf from a pregnant cow. I say "pull" because this really meant that she held onto the pulley while some hunky ranch hand pulled it from behind. Afterwards, she actually said that since she "let her guard down, she's really grown as a person." She then named the calf "Fred Segal" because it's her favorite store and she misses it. Right now they are bitching because they actually have to clean up. Before the birthing incident, the cattle boss had to tell them that if they want a clean cup to drink from, they have to wash out the cup they used before. One guy said he'd pay extra for more cups. This turned into an argument. Too funny. Can't wait for next week - the ranch crew take away cell phones and the "filthy rich" rebel! Gasp!
New show now - I think it's Jenny McCarthy interviewing strippers. That Jenny McCarthy, she's fun.
This is what never ceases to get me. How can one nation want to watch cops, filthy rich, american idol, fear factor, the list goes on and on. All this in addition to the non-reality programs. And I only have basic cable!

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Kiki said...

I also am now addicted to this show, all because I read about it in your blog. Its seems like a complete waste of time when you think about it, but once you start watching it, you can't stop