Saturday, August 27, 2005

disturbing co-worker behavior

I was at work today when a co-worker told me to be careful going home because a couple of weeks ago, on a corner near work, an incoming law student was badly beaten by a group of kids. She warned me about it because she didn't know if more groups of ruffians were making their way into town. Okay, wait. Was this a horrible tragedy, and should those kids be dealt with? ABSOLUTELY. Yet, I couldn't help thinking - do groups of delinquent kids move through in waves like rats? Her ominous warning sounded like we were in a pre-statehood territory and she done heard tell of a possible band of "injuns" coming this way. I guess her heart was in the right place. I shouldn't be so negative. But if you've ready anything of mine - you already know that I am rarely serious – dark and/or wry as my humor may be.

What I also found out about my crazy co-workers, however, warrants a negative comment. Something this same co-worker (as above) did and said made me wonder if she ever thought (or more than thought) about going through people's offices. I mostly dismissed that idea as a result of my general paranoia over getting fired. (trust me, every one in our office has some level of it). Well, the other day I found out that a different co-worker was "caught" going through someone else's office on a weekend. I say "caught" because it is not clear to me what that person was doing there. It IS clear that by all accounts; there was no reason for that person to be in the office while the office was unoccupied. How much more creepy can you get? I'm thinking about transferring offices. It's a little too (needlessly) intense here. I just turned in a first draft of a brief to my new supervisor after being warned repeatedly (granted only by one crazy co-worker) that I shouldn't giver this supervisor anything but perfection or she will forever label me as incompetent. Is incompetent better or worse than stupid? What about idiot? I'm just wondering which one to shoot for...

One last thing - am I the only one who doesn't see a psychiatrist? A few people (huh, also at work - imagine that.) have casually mentioned their "shrinks." I'm all for seeking help - this is one of the few times I'm not kidding - I just didn't realize the need was so prevalent. I thought mental health was taboo. I'm starting to feel left out...(okay that time I was kidding). Oh, and – the comment about “crazy co-workers” and the part about “shrinks” are complete non-sequiturs. Yikes. I’m diggin’ myself in deep.

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