Saturday, May 07, 2005

Welcome to the fam

I have added a couple of links - Road Runner is my running partner. She is a speedy little thing, and always leaves me in the dust. (Hence, MY nickname for her - not her blogger name. Don't be confused when you check her out.) Road Runner just got engaged while traveling through Europe with her man. Yea! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of Road Runner.

IP Girl comes to you all the way from the west coast. She is the second one of our college core to (recently) get married- Yea! - and is a brilliant scientist who likes lemons, has a remarkable sleep schedule and ate like 17 cones of peppermint frozen yogurt at one time in a contest against our other friend...Dr 90210. Sadly, I don't remember who won - I just remember the sickness afterwards.

Everybody, let's give it up for Road Runner and IP Girl!

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