Thursday, May 19, 2005


I'm headed off to sunny So.Cal. tomorrow to see my friend from junior high get married. I was thinking about how long we've known each other and all the random things we used to do and talk about. For example, in 9th grade (still jr high in CA at that time), she only had her learner's permit, but drove solo to school. We would talk about her wild weekends - she had a fake ID. (I got MY first fake ID with her - but it wasn't until I was about 18 - and boy, was that funny when my parents found it.) We used to go to the beach at night and do who knows what but had a good time. (And boys who may be reading this - no, it did not swing that way - sorry to burst your bubble). I was to go to UCLA with her and we'd room together. Didn't turn out that way and she never lets me forget that I went back on our plans. I often wonder what would've happened if I had. Would we still be marrying our respective fiances? She thinks no. I pondered over this with Cowboy, and he insists we would've found each other some other way. I like thinking that, and I like even more that HE thinks that.

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