Thursday, October 26, 2006

One step forward, another back

A woman's body was found in her Delhi apartment in January 1999 after being raped and strangled (among other injuries). The purported killer was tried and acquitted. The trial judge criticized the investigation - accusing the police of fabricating and manipulating evidence to ensure that the defendant (whose father was a senior police officer at the time). After a public outcry and campaign to retry the defendant, he was indeed retried and convicted. He will be sentenced at the end of the month, but apparently faces natural life or the death penalty. This case is seen in India as a huge step forward in ending the "policy" of letting high profile suspects go free.

On the other hand, I can't believe people are still doing this:
When I was in Edinburgh (one of my all-time favorite cities) I went on the "City of the Dead" tour where they took you into the catacombs and told you scary stories about how scoundrels used to use them for such nefarious purposes as keeping the bodies they'd just robbed from the grave so that they could sell the parts / bodies to medical schools. I remember thinking, wow, I'm glad that's not done anymore. Or is it????
Apparently, 7 undertakers in NY have been busted removing body parts without consent and selling them to biomedical companies. They've also been supposedly falsifying death certificates to indicate that the deceased did not have a disease in order to be able to remove bones. In place of the bones, they inserted PVC pipes. One of the victims was Alistair Cooke

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