Monday, October 23, 2006

6 months

I've now been married over 6 months. Cowboy and I celebrated our semi-annual anniversary. It was cute because we never really celebrated too many of the 10 years we were together before we got married, but he was all about the 6 months. We went to Roy's, the Hawaiian Fusion restaurant. Even though there was one right down the street from where we stayed in Kauai, and the one here is not that far away from us, I have never been.
All I can say is Yummy!
Well, I guess I can also say - yikes, expensive - but I'd still have to come back to Yummy!

On our way out, we were surprised to see a big truck with 4 guys smashed inside the double cab being pulled over by 2 women cops. As the cops were ambling up to each side of the truck, we realized that the big truck had been pulled over by two bicycle cops. I would have loved to have seen that unravel. But then, my mocking comments were probably already loud enough.


ShoreTurtle said...

Happy semi-annual anniversary to you both!

Simba's Mom said...

Where is there a Roy's around here?
We never went there in Hawaii either, but we passed several of them.
Happy 1/2 yr anniversary!

Hello Kitty said...

Congratulations Buccaneer Betty and Cowboy on your semi-annual anniversary! Yahooo!! You know I will be inviting myself over for some cake and ice cream.

kiki said...

Happy Belated Anniversary. I meant to comment when I read it the first time and forgot. Also, Its cool you have a friend using the name hello kitty. sounds like my kind of friend.