Tuesday, October 10, 2006

High priced high-rise tainted by crime spree

We were walking out of the building when 3 police cars came up the driveway - officers quickly hopping out of the car. At first we just thought that they were milking the possibility of a good call - after all, what could go wrong in a high priced high-rise? When we came back, an hour and a half later, the police were still there. We walked into the lobby and found the doorman busy with surveillance tapes. We also saw the stores at the base of our building were still open - way past usual closing time. We walked by and saw the police interviewing the employees of one of the stores. Apparently, a couple of guys came in with ski masks and tried to pull off an armed robbery! We went into one of the stores that was still open and tried to pump the attendants for information. They just looked at each other and one of them said, "yeah, I guess something happened over there." I said, "I heard the officer talking about ski masks. Was there an armed robbery?" The attendants looked at each other again. I asked if they were there when it happened (knowing full well they were - they are ALWAYS at the small store). Again, they just looked at each other. Finally, I managed to get them to confirm that no one was hurt, but I got the distinct impression that they were told not to discuss it with the building residents. Maybe management thought it was best to insulate us from it. That's pretty funny given what I hear and deal with everyday.

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