Thursday, October 06, 2005

Running again

I went running today with Road Runner. She totally left me in the dust. Luckily, she waited for me at the end of the pier and while we walked, she got me caught up on important news such as celebrity pregnancies and break-ups. She told me about - I love it. We went a total of about 4 miles, but only a little over 3 was running. About 2/3 of the way through, we were in a park and noticed that they had removed the drinking fountains. This was much more painful than the time we were scheduled to run 5 miles, and they had shut off all the fountains. Of course, being a glutton for punishment, I had to check every single one while Road Runner laughed at me. Today, nothing to check. It was very strange. From yesterday - high in the upper 80's, I don't think it cleared 60 degrees today. It was windy too. I hope it doesn't get too cold too fast. I was looking forward to the fall to do some running. We may not have much of one.
Also in the spirit of running, please check out Shore Turtle's video clip of him running. For some reason, I'm so amused by it. Nice steady pace Shore Turtle!
Finally, I read Trail Runner's blog about how he helped set up a race, and despite all the warnings, one woman "accidentally" ran a marathon! This seems to happen quite a bit - Road Runner is always telling me about some mis-marked race or another. I guess it's better to do more than less than you intended. Congrats!


ShoreTurtle said...

I love you Betty! (don't tell my wife)

Scott Dunlap said...

Getting lost is half the fun!

Thanks for the link...

- SD