Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Early morning ramblings

I got in early to work today and I'm still trying to wake up. This is my equivalent of a coffee break.

I have a new alarm clock with nature sounds. I've been waking up to sounds of a brook for the past couple of days. Really this means the sound of frogs. The brook is in there, but coming from deep slumber - you only hear the frogs for a while. It's kinda cool. I like it. It's definitely a gentler way to wake up than my cell phone alarm - which is what I had been using. When the day comes where I incorporate the frogs into my dream, I can switch it to birds or ocean.

I've been catching up on the Sopranos recently. I don't have cable, so I borrow each season from the library. (Cowboy introduced me to the extensive movie collection of the various suburban libraries - it rocks!) I know there's a lot of controversy over the show. It can be too violent for me and I'm sure there's a point to the complaints that it paints Italian-American's in a bad light. What I see, though, is such great, complex writing and acting. There are so many layers to the story, that I'm sure I'm only catching some of the literary devices in the script. It's nihilistic, but the people that put it together have deconstructed the human condition seemingly as well as Joseph Campbell has done mythology. I'm on the look-out for a film study class that discusses it.

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