Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I am getting the itch again. It's really bad. Usually, I get so restless I just want to move - lately to Oregon. This time, however, it's very clear I want to go on a trip. I've been meaning to go back to Ireland, and SAS airlines is having a 2 for 1 sale. I'd love to go back to Sweden or Paris, or go to any of the countries I haven't been to. Cowboy says to save it for the wedding and honeymoon. That's still 6 months away! And, the wedding and honeymoon are not really planned, so there's nothing specific to look forward to! I guess I really have no business running off to Europe without planning my wedding first. Not to mention that although I could scrape together the money - I should save it for all the wedding things that I haven't really even thought about like flowers and favors and whatever else people have. The good news is that I have my place confirmed, so it will be happening! I want to send out save the date cards with a puzzle or riddle or something that people will have to figure out to get the location. Any suggestions? I thought about doing a geocache, but I think I need to do something that can just come to people in the mail.
I will try and quash my need for adventure. However, I will enter the Salomon Live Your Dream contest. Check it out - seems pretty cool.

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