Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekend of favorites

This weekend, I spent so much time on the lake front. I went rollerblading in Hyde Park at the Point. The Point is right across the street from the Shoreland hotel - my college dorm. During college, I used to go the Point to meditate. In winter, I would love to go there and see the ice forming in the lake and on the rocks. In couple of days a year that was nice, I'd go and imagine there were seals that would pop up out of the lake. (I missed the beach). I also went to the Art Institute again. This time, we specifically went to check out the Dutch painters. The Art Institute has a couple of Rembrandts, but no Vermeers. After finding out about the documentary "Stolen," we wanted to see if we had any Vermeers in the city. "Stolen" documents a famous art heist in 1990, during which 13 paintings (including Vermeer's "The Concert") were stolen have yet to be recovered. Apparently there are only 35 (possibly 36) Vermeers in existence. This is fascinating to me. Every once in a while I check on the possibility of working in the art recovery field. Where else can you be the good guy with a patch over an eye?

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