Friday, August 18, 2006

Summer in the city

I hate the weather in this God-forsaken place. I know, this summer has been better than most - but I still have no problem making such a blanket statement. One thing the city does well, however, is put on events. Last week was Tall Ships. Usually, it's at Navy Pier, but this time it was along the river and continued along to the Pier. Since I live so close to the river, I thought that would be great - what an easy way to pick the ship that would carry me on my journeys after I trade in my bar card and live the rest of my days as a scallywag. Turns out, I hated it. Unlike Navy Pier, where you can walk up to them at any time of the day or night, they closed the river walk at 8pm (keep in mind the sun wasn't setting until around 8:30) Aaaargh! I was so annoyed (like the time they closed the street because Ocean's 12 was planning on filming in that area at some point that day - what, precious Brad Pitt can't walk on the same bridge I crossed hours earlier?). Also, unlike at Navy Pier, there was a huge distance between the ship and the path and the view was usually obscured by trees. By the time you were clear of the trees, you were right up to the edge of the river - with no guard rails. How was this a good idea? I suppose it encouraged people to pay to come aboard.... I still enjoyed seeing them - there were some beautiful ships. Oh, and I will go on a sailing adventure on one of them some day. Oh, yes. The trip will be mine.
This weekend is the Air and Water Show. I don't know if I'll go see that - it's notoriously CROWDED. If I don't, I won't have missed it all - the "air" part is practicing right now and my apartment feels like the tower that Maverick and Goose buzzed in Top Gun (you know, the movie Tom Cruise made before he became so openly offensive).

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