Thursday, August 10, 2006

City nights

My friend and I went to the MCA on Tuesday. The museum has "Target Tuesdays" where admission is free, there's jazz on the outside patio, and late hours. I hadn't been to the MCA in a while, and I didn't think it would take more than an hour to go through. Wrong. To be sure, it's nothing like the size of the Art Institute, but they had a lot more exhibits than the last time I was there. There were some interesting exhibits, and while a lot of them creeped me out, it was interesting and kind of fun to check out the unusual pieces. Currently, there's an exhibit of Chris Ware's comic strips he created while in Chicago. It's interesting, but a little hard to look at because it is a lot of comic book-type drawings and stories on one wall. I tried to get started and follow a story from beginning to end, but when I got to the part where the mom cuts her daughter's fingers off and stacks the fingers in a teacup, I was lost.
My favorite exhibit was a giant flow chart that charted the path to convincing yourself that pirates were going to attack Chicago. It was funny, clever, interesting art techniques and, strangely, it made sense. Gotta take my word for it.

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ipgirl said...

h! I miss Chicago art! Seattle's got so little public art, our one major museum is closed for 2 years. Maybe I will have to do a weekend in Chicago sometime.

Have fun in London--you're going next week, right?