Wednesday, July 12, 2006


As we near Bastille Day and my 31st birthday (!) I find myself reviewing milestones in life. Mostly I wonder if I've accomplished enough in those 31 years, but maybe I haven't done so bad either....
-13 years ago - high school was over. No more cutting school to go to the beach.
-10 years ago I graduated from college. I didn't get an invite to my college reunion this year - most likely because the college still has me affiliated with the class of '97.
-5 years ago I took and passed the IL bar, soon followed by the CA bar. Yeesh, I got lucky twice.
-After almost 3 years in appeals, I won my first new trial. Funny that I'm not sure I remember my first case that I won - it may have been after a trial as a 711 - opposing counsel offered me a job.
-Almost 3 months ago, after over 10 years together, Cowboy and I got married.
-What's next???
At 15, I was sure I'd be married by 25 and I'd have my first kid at 27. That's pretty funny to think about now.

Other people around me have certainly done amazing things.
Childhood and college friends have gotten married, had kids, and moved away. This includes IP Girl who got her PhD with a young child at home and who is now on a whirlwind adventure across the world. Unpublished Opinion started running the same time I did and SHE finished a 1/2 marathon last summer. She's also argued 2x as many cases as I have, and it's amusing how vicariously I experience the arguments. Perhaps the one I'm happiest to announce, Dr. 90210 finished residency! Naturally I had nothing to do with her excellence in medicine, but she became my best friend in the orientation week before college started (maybe by about day 3 of knowing her) and I can't believe the long journey is over for her. I'm sure 8 years seemed like an eternity for her, but in some ways 8 years flew by for me and I'm so proud of what she accomplished in that time.

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