Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cedarburg, WI

This weekend Cowboy and I ventured out to Cedarburg, WI. It's about 20 minutes north of Milwaukee and is a cute little historic town. Most of the downtown area is on Washington Avenue which, unfortunately, is also a main road through town. The street is on the National Register of Historical Places Cedarburg claims to have over 100 historically significant buildings - 8 of which are listed on the NRHP database. (If I were the city's attorney, I might have them reword a part of their website.) It is a town that (with the exception of the somewhat traffic-busy main street) has clearly made an effort to keep the historic quality of the town and work to use the historical buildings to their benefit. Really worth the trip. Here are some shots, but you don't get the flavor of it until you cruise the neighborhood - preferably by foot or bike.

The cultural center (that's what the sign says, though I saw a more modern one down the street)

The old firehouse - now a museum, complete with antique fire engines.
I would have gotten a kick out of meeting clients here. This is attached to the old firehouse. Below: a view from a bridge.

Couldn't resist - so cute!

You can see more photos of Cedarburg on my flickr site.

My only problem with Cedarburg is that most shops close at 5 or earlier. Yikes. We got up there a little too late the first afternoon. We ended up just taking a drive to Kohler, WI. This is another interesting, historic town. This town is worth checking out if you are in the neighborhood or want to splurge at The American Club. This is the Midwest's only AAA five diamond resort hotel. We poked around a bit. It was lovely. Beautifully manicured lawns and gardens, and I think they were having a BBQ special event so the whole place smelled like mesquite!
Deciding not to splurge, we continued on our exploration and ended up in Oshkosh, WI for the night. Home of (as far as we could tell) outlet stores and the Experimental Aircraft Association. We just missed the air show that started today.

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