Monday, July 31, 2006

Camping fun

I went home for the weekend to go camping. My older brother and his family were in from S. Korea (where they live) and the whole family got together to camp. We went to a KOA campground - my first time at a KOA. It was really nice! There was a pool, a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, huge playground, a petting zoo, and big grassy areas we had to ourselves. We did it all, and threw in kickball and bocce to boot. At night we sat around the campfire, played "Mafia" and roasted s'mores. By the way, s'mores with peanut butter are the best - another first for me.
This was in northern CA, and despite the fact that there had been a heat wave, when we went - the coastal fog came in at night and didn't burn off until around 11am. This means it only got sunny and/or warm for a few hours until the fog rolled back in around 4 or 5 pm. By contrast, I came back at 10pm at night last night to 85 degrees and HUMID. Today was supposed to be a high of 99 with a heat index of 110. Sometimes it's hard to remember why I live here.
Here are a couple of shots.

The kids at night.

The neighboring ranch.

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ShoreTurtle said...

How fun! Good ole KOA. My family spent many a days camping at KOA.