Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sexy Pirates and Penguins

I really got a kick out of two things today-
Road Runner's posting about the penguins - a must see. There are pictures that are adorable! She's right - you will want a penguin too.

On an entirely different note (but same family), Road Runner's brother provided me with an answer to the always pressing "what shall I be for Halloween" question. To get your own sexy pirate costume, please see the comment under my "blogjam" post. Ahhh...reminds me of my sorority days when I would go dress up as Sexy Nurse or a French Maid, then have pillow fights with my "sisters."
Anyone else who went to University of Chicago will know what I'm talking about.
(translation - definitely kidding!)
And for the record - RR's brother seemed appropriately creeped out by the costumes.


Simba's Mom said...

Glad you liked the penguin pictures! I really hope to get my penguin soon. I should probably wait until the winter, though, so I can take him on walks outside by the lake.

Also, I know that secretly you have one of those pirate costumes hanging in your closet!

Buccaneer Betty said...

I actually have two. If you play your cards right, I'll let you borrow one. We can even coordinate and wear them on the same day!
Good thinking with the penguin. Would you have to get him a diaper like you do a pet monkey?