Thursday, July 07, 2005


I did a quick search to see where my blog comes up on the web. Apparently, I had a sadistic need to remind myself that nobody reads this thing. The funny part about that is that I use this more as a journal, so I am not really sure I want anyone to. To be disappointed anyway...? Such is human nature, I guess.
Anyway, a couple interesting things I ran into along the way:
1. "The Golden Hind" comes up quite a bit on a Google search, some of them X-rated. Although I find that amusing, I wonder if all those Sir Francis Drake historians out there that are also posting are laughing.

2. Interesting question - what blogger would you like to actually meet?
Hmm...I don't really read too many blogs, but I'd have to say the guy that wrote the story about the Cambodian Midget Fighting Club. Oh, that's funny! Despite the fact that he came out and said it was a fake story...(or IS it?) there are so many posts about it. My favorite heading of a follow-up blog is: "Are you a Midget looking to Move to Cambodia." The actual blog is a little too crude for my prissy self.

Of course what snags people - and gets people to think it may be true (besides the fact that he put the story on a BBC news template) is that with Fox these days - anything is possible. Remember that show they had a couple years back were they had people compete with animals in a particular race? I distinctly remember watching a group of midgets have to pull an airplane faster than elephants pulling a separate plane. There was also a hot-dog eating contest with the world champ pitted against a brown bear. Watching that with my brother and his completely uncensored wit - oh, good times.

My unfruitful search for hits on my blog also made me realize I should try changing my strategy. I don't really link to too many people - I need to get out there and meet knew people. (Put on some lipstick and go meet some Tom, Dick or Harry - as my grandma used to say). It also may not hurt to post more often myself. I'm really not making myself available, if you will, for a blogging relationship.

I'll let you know how my strategy works.

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There's also a clothing line based in Montana: