Sunday, November 05, 2006

The "H" stands for happyland

Cowboy and I discovered a fantastic new store - Super H Mart. It's this gi-normous Asian supermarket. They have a huge produce section, lots of fresh fish, tons of American and Asian food products - the place is huge. But wait, there's more! It's really like a mini mall. When you walk in, they have a bakery and a food court. The bakery offers some of the regulars - cheesecake and chocolate cake - and also sweet potato cake. The little restaurants offered: Chinese food, dumplings, and Korean bbq (my fav!). As you make your way though the giant produce section - I bought a napa cabbage the size of my thigh for $1.50 - you get into the seafood and frozen food areas. If you like fresh seafood - so the place to go (this also counts as a warning if you don't like seafood stalls). Really, I just got a kick out of seeing things like "pickled garlic stems" and "wild ice fish." There was a whole aisle full of different kinds of soy sauce! We ended up getting some Shumai and some curry steamed buns I can pop in the microwave. Relatively non-adventurous, but we also got "Azuki" flavored mochi without being sure what that was. On our way out, Cowboy commented that there's something great about being in line behind someone buying a "black chicken" when it really was a black chicken. Then, another surprise! We thought we were done with the store, but there was more! Little stalls offering products were on our way to the exist. Stalls like: The Face Shop, Beautiville, Jade Bed and Fancy Pencil. Since I'm a sucker for beauty potions and lotions - even though I don't really wear makeup - I'll be back for sure. Who knows? Fancy Pencil may even become my Christmas shopping headquarters. Who knew such an adventure exists in Niles, IL?

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