Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Another spectacular season...of reality tv

Actually, all I watch is Project Runway. Love it! This season has great talent. I'm pulling for the Eng girl who likes her clothes to be "well researched," whatever that means. There are a number of people to watch, though. I already like this season better than last - the bar has been raised this time around, notwithstanding the guy who completely broke down after challenge two and was crying in front of the judges while he wailed that fashion meant so much to him. Train wreck. Tonight they made a design for "My Scene" barbie. I guess "My Scene" barbie is like 16-18 and hip. I'm really out of touch with barbie - are 16-18 year olds buying these, or are they for young girls to play with teenager barbies instead of women barbies? The designers had to come up with a new concept for her and show it off on a model (blonde wig included) and make a smaller version for the barbie. While the runway show was going on, the designers were sitting there holding their little styled up barbies.

Side note: last I heard about the Katie Holmes/ Tom Cruise saga was that her father was drafting the pre-nup. One look at this article on celebrity pre-nups and I understand why it's taking him so long to draft it. Apparently, they are agreeing to weight limits for the wife, random drug testing by either spouse, and many more unbelievable things!

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ShoreTurtle said...

Hey Betty. My wife, redhead fangirl, loves Project Runway too. She had me watching it the other day on tivo. I have to admit that it was very interesting.

Will Katie's Holmes father be drafting your pre-nup as well?