Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hey, fake legs are expensive!

While out for a stroll the other day, we saw a guy directing a driver into a parking spot. The unusual part about this story is that the guy who was directing the driver was IN the empty space, sitting on the car that was behind the car backing in. We watched as the director kept telling the driver to come back. We grew more and more anxious as the car followed his direction to close the gap between the back bumper and the director's knee. As we feared, the car soon smashed the man's knee between the bumper and the other car. Before we could muster a proper response, the director looked over at us, smiled, and gave us a wink.


monika darling said...

that's awesome. it's just the small things right?

ShoreTurtle said...

Hey Betty. My wife told me a pirate joke the other day and I thought of you.

How much does a pirate charge to pierce someone's ears?

A buck-an-ear!