Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bend over and let one rip!

Spirited and I finished our first Kindermusik class this summer. There's a point in the class that's quiet time - where you are supposedly teaching the kids how to rest. The teacher puts on this relaxing flute music and everyone quiets down by rocking or laying on the floor. Somehow I always end up whistling, but I digress...Spirited and I were hanging out and she was practicing sitting (one of her new favorite things to do). All of a sudden she lets one rip! The teacher looks over at me and sweetly asks, "do you have gas?" I wasn't sure who she was asking - me or Spirited. To be fair, it was loud, long, and didn't smell pretty - an adult size emission. Perhaps because of this, I wanted to distance myself from any notions that I owned that glorious fart. I quietly said, "yeah, she does." Then, because she already has my back, Spirited leaned over, kind of grunted, and let another one rip. This was starting to draw attention. I cheerfully said, "excuse us" and tried to act natural. She let one more out before the flutes were done, and I just smiled it away.

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monika darling said...

making her mama proud!