Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life as usual

According to my pediatrician, there are two time lines for fussiness where babies can become extra gassy and bothered by reflux. Most babies are done with it by 12 weeks, others take until about 16 weeks for things to get better. Spirited is in the latter group. I still have to nurse her sitting up, but that's becoming easier as she has better trunk stability. She also has some food sensitivities I have to be careful with, or the problems start up again. I can have very limited dairy, caffeine and chocolate. I now long for a big ol' piece of chocolate cake with lots of chocolate frosting and a giant glass of whole milk!
Now that she's sort of stabilized in terms of fussiness, it's a lot easier to do things that I need/want to do. I just have to modify it to fit her schedule. I still work on putting her to sleep within 2 hours of being awake, so my trips outside of the house have to be carefully planned. She often rejects the stroller, so I put her in my MobyWrap (can't say enough good things about this wrap!!) and we cruise. I strap her to my body like a little bomb - facing out with her legs dangling. We walk down the street and she looks at everything while she kicks away. She looks hilarious. We are quite the spectacle - especially when I break out the umbrella to avoid the sun. But perhaps the biggest indication that things have gotten smoother is that I've started running again. I'm in week 4 of the Couch to 5-K program. I mostly have to go when she's already asleep, but it works!

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kiki said...

I give you great respect for running again. I've thought about it but not gone out yet. Ask my sister for my email if you want to commiserate on baby things.