Tuesday, February 13, 2007

2008 Elections

I am very excited about the upcoming elections. It's going to be so interesting seeing history in the making. For the first time, the country will consider whether it wants an African-American, a woman, or a Mormon. There are going to be some interesting issues. In fact, I'm hoping for some good candid discussion.
I'm already a little disappointed in Obama. He was on 60 minutes this weekend, and while many of his points totally matched my own views, he was inconsistent on a point that really bothered and ultimately disappointed me. One minute he and his wife were talking about how, as a black man, he can get shot on the south-side at any time, and how he can't get a cab because no one will pick up a black man. Then, when asked if he thought race would be an issue in the election, he said no and if he loses it won't have anything to do with race. C'mon, if race is a factor in deciding not to pick you up in their cab, how can you expect race not to be an issue in voting for President? Too simple. I felt that all his answers were good answers in isolation but didn't send a cohesive message.


ipgirl said...

it sounds like poor Barack has been consulting with too many consultants and isn't saying what he really feels.
Besides Obama, I'm v. interested to hear Hilary stumping, to see if she fits my beliefs..unfortunately I never see her on the news: it's always Barack instead!

mona said...

i think it will be interesting to see how barack plays out. on one hand he is very driven and aims high. but on the other hand, part of what you observed i think has to do with his lack of experience. it is easier to be idealistic when you havent been burned but the system. but then again, who said that being idealistic is so wrong?

mona also said...

and on top of all this, i really want to hear what these two are going to propose to clean up the mess that is our health care system...i haven't heard much, but then again, i can't say that i have done my research either