Monday, September 11, 2006

My Brighton Beach memoirs

After taking London by the horns, we cruised down to Brighton. Brighton is great! It's this little sea-side town with so much character, lots of beach (pebble shores) and English charm. The guidebooks say that it's a day trip, but we had a lot of fun there in two days. After all, we had to take Brighton by the horns too, and we didn't think 1 day was enough.
There are all these little market stalls along the sea front - mostly selling fish and other food, but also jewelry and novelty items. One guy at a fish stall got Dr. 90210 and I to try a sea snail. (In case you are wondering - they are fishy and chewy.) I wanted to try a "roll mop" which is herring wrapped around pickled onions, but didn't get around to it. (here's the recipe.)
We cruised the stalls on the way to the Pier.

We also checked out the Royal Pavilion. This is the palace built by King George (before he was King). So amazing - worth the trip to Brighton alone if in England. Definitely check out the link.

We also checked out the little shopping areas - The Lanes and Kemp Town.
Finally, it was time to go back to London.

London meant another V for Vendetta moment with the Old Bailey and the Tower of London

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