Monday, March 20, 2006

what does it say when the smell is the problem?

A couple of weeks ago a co-worker sent an email about how a guy died while working in his office over the weekend, and he wasn't found for a few days. I thought how incredible it was that no one found him.

A few days ago, friends of mine found their upstairs neighbor was dead and that he had been dead for a few days. Apparently, he had lived there with a roommate. The roommate told my friends that he was moving out because the man was violent. A few days later, the man's relative came looking for him and discovered his body. The police came and the landlord was told that he better get everything out of the apartment fast because the man had been dead for a few days and if they didn't remove everything from the apartment, the smell would never come out. The landlord quickly emptied the apartment that same day. (I'm assuming that despite the previous allegation of violence there was no sign of foul play, or they would not have had enough time to process everything as a crime scene.) I've heard that there are cleaning crews that special in these types of thing, but where do you put the stuff? Just regular storage? How disheartening that the practical considerations so quickly take control of the situation.


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