Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hard Core? Only as a Columbia Sportswear fan

Yesterday it was at least upper 50s, but maybe even 60s. It was rainy and windy. When I went for a run yesterday, I saw all these severe weather warnings on the tv. Today, it was so cold - and snow flurries! So, the first snow, but not the first satisfying snow - that first time it sticks and the whole city is white and clean.
On my way home, I was almost blown away by the wind - no kidding - I got knocked off course a few times. Soon after (as I always do when I'm left to ponder the EXTREME weather this place is prone to), I see someone jogging. These people are way too hard core for me to relate to. Running outside was the last thing on my mind. Instead, I seriously spent the whole day thinking how much my coat rocks! I have a parka from Columbia. I now declare that as long as I live in this God-forsaken tundra, I will always have a Columbia jacket!
So, as I'm writing this, I'm listening to RR's latest podcast. Apparently, like our athletic goals, our minds are now melding. We're talking about the same thing. I can understand her sentiment about having to finally haul out the winter coat. I look at it like playing chicken - how cold can it get before I put the Columbia on for the first time? Today, I flinched.
On an upbeat note - RR and I have agreed to set a goal for our triathlon training - May 2006, baby. This is one I had my eye on last year, but as I had just started my training, I figured I'd do it a different year. I guess 2006 is that year.

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ShoreTurtle said...

Hi Betty. Did you know that some yahoo has the goldenhind.blogspot url? I had brain freeze for a moment and typed that instead of your actual site. Your blog is much more interesting. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!